Glycemic Lowering Fibre Technology

Technology Overview

High GI refined foods such as white rice, breads and noodles increase the risk of diabetes. For example, a bowl of white rice raises the risk of diabetes by 11%, especially in Asians. With diabetes being a world epidemic now and the economic burden skyrocketing, it is no wonder that governments worldwide are reacting strongly by discouraging refined foods, and even imposing sugar taxes in certain countries. Food manufacturers looking to develop new products to address this problem have turned mainly to wholegrain, which targets a niche segment and many customers still find the taste inferior to refined versions. 

Technology Features & Specifications

The glycemic lowering fibre technology capabilities and content: 

  • White powder appearance/ white rice-like grains
  • Glycemic lowering function 
  • Fiber enrichment in product 
  • Free of gluten content
  • Does not impart changes to the taste, appearance and smell of the final product
  • Customisable to product requirement
  • Applicable to rice, noodles and bakeries such as bread and buns


Potential Applications

The glycemic lowering fibre technology is an advanced food technology, customized to product needs. Available in rice-like grain shapes and powder, it can be added easily to refined foods to lower their glycemic index without changing the taste, appearance, and smell of the product.

The glycemic reduction is dosage dependent. For instance, just a 9% replacement of rice with glycemic lowering rice-like grains reduces the GI of Jasmine Rice from 109 (high GI) to 68 (med GI)*. The effect is also similar for Japanese Rice. We also offer GI reducing solutions for bread, buns, noodles etc.

Market Trends and Opportunities

There are currently 422 million diabetics in the world and it is costing economies >USD800b to treat. Governments around the world are pushing for diabetic-friendly diets to curb this raising epidemic. 

Customer Benefits

Instead of using wholegrains for diabetic-friendly carb foods that may result in only targeting the niche customer segments, the technology enables food manufacturers to easily offer diabetic-friendly carb foods, and continue to target the masses by selling glycemic reduced and fibre enriched refined foods.

Being a functional food with diabetic benefits also presents opportunities for higher margins and also provide for meaningful differentiation in retaining and capturing consumers.

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