LED With Polarized Light Emission

Technology Overview

Polarized light LED is required in some applications, such as in LCD backlighting. In this case, the non-polarized light from LEDs needs to be converted to polarized light through a polarizer. More cost-saving and thinner flat panel display could be achieved if the LED could emit polarized light directly without conversion.

Technology Features & Specifications

We provide a simple technology to make LED emitting linear polarized directly. Our invention involving techniques to make polarized light from conventional InGaN/GaN LED structure by using a sub-wavelength metal grating (SWMG). The SWMG can be formed by ion milling, plasma etching or lift-off process.

Some features of this invention:

  • Eliminate the requirement of polarizer panel for conversion
  • Device structure and fabrication method are compatible with conventional InGaN/GaN LED fabrication
  • Uniform transmission efficiency within spectrum range
  • Measured polarization ratio is > 7:1
  • Grating parameters are tunable for polarization performance

Potential Applications

Potential applications include flat display panel backlighting, projector and imaging devices.

Customer Benefits

We are looking for potential partners to collaborate in further development of this technology and we are also open for direct licensing negotiations.

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