Low-cost Graphene Manufacturing Process

Technology Overview

This technology presents a simple, cost effective process for producing high-quality graphene from low-cost graphite, which may be sold at more than 200 times the price on a per kg basis. Due to the current cost of production of graphene there has been few commercial applications that are proposed or under development. In addition to that, the quality of graphene varies greatly, especially when produced in large-scale.


The quality and repeatability of this manufacturing process has been fully characterized and the process is ready to be scaled up for large-scale production, with the potential to produce high quality graphene in tonnes. One of the key properties resulting from this process is that the graphene produced is well-dispersed in polymer materials allowing it to be easily integrated into new products.  Patent protection has been sought for this technology.



Technology Features & Specifications

This technology manufacturing process consists of the following features:


  • Method easily produces large quantities of high quality graphene.
  • Production of fully characterized quality of grapheme.
  • Graphene produced from this process results in significantly fewer defects, up to 40% lower than comparable commercial products currently being sold (as illustrated in the attached diagram).
  • Quality of graphene relates to:
    • Quantity produced (as opposed to the other carbon materials produced)
    • Amount of Impurities (such as attached functional groups)
    • Number of defects or holes
    • Defects may be identified by the presence of a D-band in the Raman spectra at approximately 1310cm-1; the intensity from the spectra is proportional to the number of defects

Potential Applications

Currently, the graphene market is dominated by research sales with robust sales being built. The market landscape and composition is expected to change dramatically in the next decade with the largest sectors being composites, energy storage and functional/conductive coatings. The opportunity lies in mass manufacturing high quality graphene at very low cost.  


Graphene has an extraordinary set of properties and therefore has potential across many applications in a wide range of markets including (but not limited to):

  • Water filtration
  • Energy storage
  • Functional/conductive coatings
  • Transparent conductive films
  • Electronics (for example, displays and sensors)
  • Composite materials
  • Textiles and geotextiles

Customer Benefits

The current cost of high quality graphene is in the order of thousands of dollars per kilogram which is prohibitive for any scale up production. This manufacturing process will allow for:

  • Use of relatively inexpensive and readily available starting materials.
  • Low-cost, high quality graphene production.
  • Scalable to mass production in tonnes.
  • Potential to support demand for large quantities for use in commercial applications.

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