Low GIycemic Index Chocolates

Technology Overview

The primary ingredient of a chocolate is cocoa beans that is rich in lipids, proteins and polyphenols that act as antioxidants to provide us various health benefits.  However the negative image of chocolate is due to its high fat and sugar content leading to it being regarded as high GI and high calories food. The chocolates (85% dark chocolate and white chocolate) are formulated to reduce sugar content, leading to lower glycemic index (GI) response for better management of blood glucose level.

Technology Features & Specifications

A lower GI diet may confer health benefits by reducing the risk of developing diabetes, as it helps to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and provides a better control of fluctuations in blood glucose level.

- 85% Dark Chocolate with a GI of 27.0

- White Chocolate with a GI of 24.0

These chocolates are formulated by replacing a part of sucrose with a natural sweetener substitute. This ingredient is able to bring a better sensory profile of the products along with bringing the GI level down.

Potential Applications

A wide array of applications for these chocolate formulations in confectionery, fillings, beverages, bakery, frozen desserts and many more. These low GI chocolates have the potential to be used as an ingredient in chocolate-filled caramel candies, to be used as enrobing chocolate for pralines, enrobed candies, as a functional ingredient in dairy based chocolate drinks, energy bars etc. Since the chocolates do not cause a sudden spike in blood glucose, they can be added to any chocolate requiring product as an ingredient and produce foods fit for diabetic, if consumed in moderation.

Market Trends and Opportunities

According to Nielsen's 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey that polled over 30,000 individuals online, the result reveals that consumers' mindset about healthy foods has shifted and they are ready to pay more for products that help to boost health and weight loss. The growth demand of chocolate is steadily increasing from market to market as reported in KPMG consumer insight in June 2014. Global chocolate industry revenues reached record US$117bn in 2014.  Cited growth is driven by rising demand from emerging markets and world’s confectionery growth. 

With the rise in issues of obesity and diabetes globally, there is demand for healthier products that can transform the market for chocolate.  These low GI chocolates are positioned for the demand of healthier choice food products.  



Customer Benefits

  • Low sugar, low GI chocolate product yet showed better consumer acceptance in terms of sensory experiences.
  • Highly appealing flavour profile
  • Free from polyols, making it safer to consume without any additional warnings on the label (clean labelling).

It can also be appealing to consumers that are health conscious; for weight loss or weight maintenance for non-diabetic consumers.

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