Low Glycemic Index Banana Chocolate Cupcake (Without Fructose)

Technology Overview

The Low Glycemic Index (GI) banana chocolate cupcake recipe is formulated to providing people with a tasty and low GI snack which does not induce spikes in postprandial glucose levels. This is suitable for diabetes patients and does not contain added fructose which is known to adversely affect plasma lipids.

Technology Features & Specifications

Glycemic Index (GI) is a ranking used to measure the effect of carbohydrate-containing foods on the impact of the body’s blood glucose level. The standard value is 100, which is an equivalent amount of pure glucose. Low GI food has a value of below 55, medium GI food has a value of 56 - 69, and high GI food has a value of 70 and above.

The cupcake formulation is:

  • Certified low Glycemic Index (GI)  (24.0 ± 0.99)
  • Does not contain added fructose
  • Contains prebiotic - inulin

While fructose is known to produce a lower postprandial glucose response when it replaces sucrose or starch in the diet, this benefit is tempered by concern that fructose may adversely affect plasma lipids. The use of added fructose as a sweetening agent in the diabetic diet is not recommended.

Potential Applications

This cupcake formulation is suitable for patients with diabetes, health conscious individuals and people who like to make cupcake at home. This can be a good alternative in situations where the use of added fructose as a sweetening agent in the diabetic diet is not recommended. This can be given to diabetes patient as snacks. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

Diabetes is a growing problem in Singapore today. Figures from the National Health Survey 2010 reveal that 11.3%, or 1 in 9 Singapore residents (Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents) aged 18 – 69 years were affected by diabetes. Singapore’s Ministry of Health has implemented in 2016 a multi-prong strategy to educate the public on preventing diabetes through healthy living and improving disease management to prevent disease complications. The technology partner is interested in licensing this formulation.

Customer Benefits

Low GI food is recommended for its small fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin level. It has been shown that having a lower GI diet may confer health benefits by reducing the risk of developing diabetes, as it helps to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and provides a better control of fluctuations in blood glucose levels. As dietary carbohydrate is the major determinant of postprandial glucose levels, food and nutrition interventions that help a diabetic patient in controlling their blood glucose level and reduce postprandial blood glucose excursions in order to achieve normal or near-normal levels is important and is a primary goal of diabetes management.

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