Low Glycemic Index Kueh Bahulu Formulation for Haemodialysis Patients

Technology Overview

A low Glycemic Index (GI) of the local favourite snack, Kueh Bahulu has been formulated and is suitable for patients undergoing Haemodialysis. Haemodialysis is the process of purifying the blood of patients with kidney disease, and it is the most common method to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Maintaining the right chemical balance in the blood is crucial in keeping the patient’s blood pressure under control.

A special diet is recommended for chronic kidney disease patients. The diet has to contain low sodium and phosphorus levels, low to moderate potassium levels, the right protein intake, and potential restrictions in fluids intake (depending on the severity of chronic kidney disease stage).

Technology Features & Specifications

The Kueh Bahulu formulation meets all the criteria of being low in sodium, phosphorous and potassium, and contains sufficient protein content to meet the chronic kidney disease patients’ nutritional needs. In addition, the formulation is also low GI, which helps diabetic patients manage their blood sugar levels. Being a familiar snack item, patients will also be more agreeable in trying out a specially formulated Kueh Bahulu.

Potential Applications

Chronic kidney disease patients who do not stick to the recommended diet risk developing the following conditions: increased blood pressure; heart attacks; shortness of breath; swelling in limbs; muscle cramps; muscle weakness; arrhythmia; itchy skin, weak bones and joint pains. Some of the existing formulated products in the market for chronic kidney disease patients have a metallic aftertaste and the patients find it to be unpalatable. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

According to statistics from National Registry of Diseases Office under Health Promotion Board and Ministry of Health Singapore, there is an increasing trend in elderly patients receiving haemodialysis treatment. In 2013, elderly patients made up more than half of the dialysis patients in Singapore. There is thus a need to develop better tasting diabetic-friendly foods for dialysis patients, so as to provide them with a better quality of life. The technology partner is interested in licensing this Kueh Bahulu formulation. 

Customer Benefits

Some benefits of this low GI Kueh Bahulu as snacks include:

  • Suitable for haemodialysis patients
  • Tasty and healthy snack 
  • Low GI

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