Point Of Sale (POS) System

Technology Overview

Technologies often come at a significant cost. This usually results in SMEs choosing not to invest in such technology at all, or at best defer their adoption of such technologies. Because of costs and complexity, SMEs choose to priortise other business needs despite the often clear and tangible benefits that technologies will provide them. 

A simplier idea of what our service is about, its very much similar to the concept of sharing bicycles (eg. ofo bikes). We invest in the terminal device and provide it to our partner. Afterwhich we allow our partner to deploy their apps or services onto the terminal for their business needs.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our key technology is an Android-based POS terminal device with inbulit or customize software that is tailored to the users' needs, and our supporting transactional and security infrastructure behind it. Android is a modern, open Operating System (OS), which allows our partners to build or load their custom software application for their business at a low or no cost.

Some key highlights of our Smart Innovation:

  • Device is Implemented in the form of an Android-based device
  • Our supporting infrastructure is hosted on the cloud 
  • Partner will not have to take care of building their own costly back-end infrastructure.

Potential Applications

Our Innovation has garnered interests in various industries like Payment, Retail and F&B for collaboration. There are also opportunities for us to explore into other industries, namely:

  • Gaming
  • Fintech
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Logistics & Inventory Management
  • Others

Customer Benefits

To ensure that our product is useful, our technology needs to address users' pain point – the cost of adopting technology that will increase productivity and business growth and to dismiss the notion that investing in technologies and devices requires hefty capital.

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