Portable Fluorescence Analyzer for Food Safety and Authenticity, Drug Detection, Environmental Monitoring

Technology Overview

The technology combines pattern recognition with Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) method – an advanced excitation emission matrix spectroscopy.

SFS method is a powerful and promising technique applied recently in many areas from illegal drug detection and environmental monitoring to food quality assurance and authenticity. It is an efficient and effective method to screen and determine chemical and biological contaminants and impurities.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Sensitive, reliable and non-destructive out-of-lab analysis 

Portable analytical instrument for on-site testing of liquid, herbal and solid samples. Substances at low concentrations in untreated complex, opaque and viscous samples can be readily detected and identified by their unique SFS fingerprints

  • Rapid, simple, automated and user-friendly

Analysis is done in minutes without time-consuming sample preparation steps. Step-by-step user interface and easy-to-read test reports require little training and support. 

  • Customized solutions based on SFS coupled with chemometrics techniques  

Analysis can be customized for both untargeted and targeted screening applications. Individual and relevant solutions can be expanded and updated to proactively react to the changing needs and environment. The expert systems are automatized using PCA, PARAFAC, LDA, K-NN, PCR, PLS and others.

  •  Cost-effective and low maintenance

Reusable test consumables (i.e. optical cells) and long lifecycle of the lamp ensure low test cost.

Potential Applications

 The portability and wide spectrum of customized screening applications of the technology make it ideal for on-site implementation by various end-users:
Private sector industries (e.g. food and alcoholic beverage production, retailers and agricultural producers)
Governmental inspection and regulatory authorities (e.g. public health and environment)
Law enforcement and security agencies (e.g. police departments, customs and border control)

Market Trends and Opportunities

With the rising concerns related to food fraud, drug trafficking and environment safety, there is a global demand for rapid, simple and cost-effective out-of-lab test methods. A proactive approach is needed to upkeep the quality standards and to detect adulterated and illegal products in the supply chain before they reach the market and end-users. This calls for the implementation of innovative, simple and rapid tools such as SFS method.

Customer Benefits

The technology features clear step-by-step instructions in interface with safe and simple sample preparation; it supports uncomplicated introduction of this revolutionary approach to your operations. Personnel with no scientific or medical background can be qualified to conduct the analysis with less than a day’s training.

Wide global patent protection in place. 

Independent third party EU validation (drug detection application) 

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