Portable Integrated Solar Energy System for Cluster Power Applications

Technology Overview

Most commercially available portable solar panel kits are meant for individual or family / single household use. For a post disaster environment, the population tends to group together and help each other thus pooling resources more effectively. Post-Disaster clusters can be evacuation centers, relief camps, temporary health zones, and other ad-hoc community zones. Most Solar Kits (or Renewable Energy kits) are either too small to power such clusters or too bulky and complex to transport and install.

The technology described herein is related to the development of a a portable, integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system which is designed primarily for cluster electrification, providing power for areas with no direct access to electricity (e.g. households, villages, communities, rural areas, camps, Post-Disaster Use: preparedness, response, & rehabilitation). The integrated energy system consisting of the foldable PV panels, charge controllers and lead acid batteries generates DC output power which can be used to enable lighting, mobile phone charging, small device and appliance power use. The technology may be used for applications including but not limited to disaster preparedness, relief, response, & rehabilitation, households, communities, military/defense, agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, outdoor recreation, and other off-grid applications. Prototypes have been developed and deployed in multiple disaster relief operations. Aside from the technology know-how in developing the integrated power system, the technology provider also possesses rich experience in deploying the system in remote areas and is seeking for industry partnership to commercialise the technology.


Technology Features & Specifications

The integrated portable solar panel system, which is packaged in a All-in-one box with in-built trolley functionalities, weighs approximately 20 kg. It also possesses the following technical speciications and features:

  • 60Wp foldable solar photovoltaic panel

  • Approximately 40Ah 12V sealed lead acid battery

  • Built-in Solar PV Charge controller

  • 2 x DC ports for 3W-5W LED bulbs

  • 2 x LED Bulbs with Switch receptacles + 1 spare

  • 300W inverter

  • 1 x USB port

  • 2 x Universal AC output ports

  • 12V DC car port

  • AC input charging port

  • General purpose storage chamber (for Incorporation of survival kits, army food, and other appropriate tools)

Potential Applications

  • Military / Defense
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Response
  • Post-Disaster Rehabilitation
  • Community Evacuation Centers
  • Household Use
  • Camping, Outdoor Leisure/Adventure
  • Boating, Sailing
  • Small Fishing
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture

Market Trends and Opportunities

Looking at the South East Asia region alone, specifically for Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, the current market size for portable energy generation system is at least USD 10Billion (approximately 5 billion for disaster-related use and 5 billion for households/communities without access to electricity). The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reports that for every $1 spent on preparedness and resiliency, $7 are saved in relief and recovery. Investment in such technologies spread out in disaster risk zones will achieve savings eventually.

Customer Benefits

For each integrated solar energy system used, one saves approximately USD 0.90 per night worth of kerosene for lighting, approximately USD 0.20 - 0.40 per mobile phone unit fully charged, and mitigates security risks and enables clustered populations to survive post-disaster situations more bearably. During normal periods, an investment in such a product can be recovered in < 3 years if used on a daily basis.

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