Skimmed Milk Liquid Probiotics To Reduce Side Effects Of Chemo- And Radiation Therapy

Technology Overview

The technology involves the production and application of liquid probiotics in various diseases treatment. Research has been conducted that shows a significant improvement in psychosomatic state of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The traditional downside of products with probiotics is a short shelf life. The technology allows for the production of liquid probiotics maintaining high activity of beneficial bacteria within the total shelf-life of the product (2.5 - 3 months). The high concentration of bifidobacteria in liquid probiotics (10^9 CFU in 1 ml) provides a high clinical efficacy (up to 5-6 times) compared to conventional dry probiotics. Live probiotic microorganisms are active from the moment of ingestion. For comparison, bacteria from conventional dry probiotics usually require 8-10 hours to activate. 

The company is looking for a partner for clinical testing of liquid probiotics in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, for joint development and production of customized, more effective drugs based on them.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology has been developed to produce bio-product containing a high concentration of live active Bifidus bacteria and Lacto-propionic acid bacteria (probiotics), for the treatment of patients after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The liquid probiotics product is a skimmed milk drink with a pleasant taste. Some of its functional properties includes cleansing the body of endotoxins generated during aggressive cancer therapy, ensuring recovery of bowel and liver, and normalizing immune responses.

Thereby the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are smoothed, the patients feel better, full antitumor treatment continues without interruption. Long-term observations of the application of liquid probiotic in the rehabilitation of patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, clearly demonstrate that the drug intake during and between courses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy significantly improves the psychosomatic condition of patients. The effectiveness of the company`s products has been proven by numerous clinical trials in leading clinics of Russia. Similar specialized drugs reducing the side effects of cancer treatment and quality of life of cancer patients are not currently presented on the market. The company is interested in finding partners for the clinical testing of liquid probiotics in cancer patients, developing guidelines for the use of the drug in radiation and chemotherapy. The company is ready to begin the development of a modified and more effective drug, designed specifically for the rehabilitation of patients with cancer.

Potential Applications

It is known that radiotherapy and chemotherapy are very destructive, toxic and act nonspecifically to all fast-growing cells, including blood cells, the immune cells of the gut and useful microorganisms. Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are sometimes so strong that many patients have to refuse further treatment because of severe intoxication, serious malfunctions of gastrointestinal tract and liver. Traditionally, the problem is solved by diet. In case of serious health deterioration of a patient, treatment is postponed until the normalization of condition. The company has developed technology of production of bio-product for the treatment of patients after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Customer Benefits

The key innovation is a use of liquid probiotics for reducing side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and improving the quality of life for cancer patients.  Products are easy to use: the liquid form of the drug is suitable even for kids starting from 3 months old. In contrast to the existing analogues which are soy-based, the proposed product is manufactured using only natural milk and special starters, without the use of genetically modified ingredients, thickeners, dyes, preservatives. The product has a pleasant taste. Berries that can be added to the content for good taste are specially grown, their quality is under constant control. The general effectiveness of the company's products has been proven by numerous clinical trials in leading clinics of Russia.

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