The System of Formation of Passports of Trains with Recognition of Numbers of Wagons

Technology Overview

Usually, large enterprises need to carry out transportation on their territory, as well as between branches of the enterprise. The leading role in such transportation belongs to the railway. The use of a powerful rolling stock on diesel traction provides high rates of capacity and economy for mass transportation. The developed Railway Traffic Management System provides for an increase in the efficiency of railway transport management and the improvement of the accompanying document flow.

Technology Features & Specifications

The system provides the following functions:

• collection and transmission of status information:

    - processes of a cargo transportation at stations of an object;;

    - a fleet of rolling stock;

• the formation of primary shipping documents;

• identification and dislocation of the rolling stock within the station of an object;

• collecting and storage of results of weighing from subsystems of identification and weighing in the database of the system;

• control of the movement of rolling stock;

• formation of output forms of accompanying documents and reports.

Potential Applications

The system is designed for:

• industrial enterprises that have railway communication for receiving and shipping products for the purpose of automatic accounting with reference to the "photo-seal" (a picture of the contents) of each wagon;

• automated accounting of the formed composition by the number of wagons at the railway sorting station;

• automation of commercial inspection of wagons and containers of railway trains.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The created system is innovative and is used for the first time in the world. There is a patent for the invention.

The planned market is all industrial enterprises using railways for transportation.

Customer Benefits

The system allows you to monitor the safety of cargo in open wagons and platforms when moving between control points.

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