Thin Film Microwave Radiation Absorbent Material

Technology Overview

Radiation-absorbent material (RAM), is a material used to absorb incident radio frequencies (RF) from all possible directions. A good RAM coating should carry high attenuation properties over a broad frequency range. However, the current RAM that is being applied in both military and commercial are developed from high concentration of iron dispersed in a polymer matrix. This makes it heavy and costly to manufacture, and limits the adoption of this technology in many other potential industries.

In this regard, this technology offers an easy to apply, lightweight, thin film microwave absorption material, developed to effectively absorb 20 – 30 dB over a wide range of frequencies, from 2 – 18 GHz.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology presents a new, proprietary material consisting of nano metal composition that can absorb 20 – 30 dB over a wide range of radio frequencies, from 2 – 18 GHz (more than half of the super high frequency—SHF—range). This material has high absorption efficiency, and the thickness can vary according to specific application requirements.

This material has the following properties:

  • Thickness of the coating is less than 50 microns (μm)
  • Light weight, less than 100 g/m2
  • High temperature resistance; the basic version can withstand 400°C, while an enhanced version can withstand up to 2,000°C
  • Can be applied on various surfaces, including ceramic, metal, plastic and others
  • Can be applied onto objects with complex shape
  • Can be made into paint or adhesives

Potential Applications

The potential applications may be differentiated into 2 broad categories, namely military and civilian.

For military applications, this thin film microwaves (radiation) absorption material can be applied as stealth technology. Firstly, existing RAM technology is generally restricted to a certain frequency band. Modern radar technology has been developed to rapidly switch between frequencies over a wide range in order to exploit the limitations of the RAMs, increasing the likelihood detection. Since this RAM technology offered is able to absorb radar (microwaves) across a large frequency range, it can easily overcome this and will be able to maintain the stealth capabilities.

Some potential military applications are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Stealth aircraft
  • Stealth military vehicles and facilities
  • Various kinds of signal shielding for military equipment
  • Improving the sensitivity of military electronic equipment


For civilian applications, this RAM technology can be used in electronic equipment, such as radar, that tend to have a lot of radiation cluttering and interference with different parts of the equipment. Our material can help to ease the cluttering as it is able to absorb the radiation over a broad frequency range, and as a result, greatly increase the performance of radar.

Some potential civilian applications are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Additions to existing radiation sensitive equipment
  • Material for anechoic chamber
  • Anti-microwave radiation uniform

Customer Benefits

  • Able to improve the performance of existing radiation sensitive equipment
  • Achieve high quality, broad range microwave absorption with just one single layer of coating
  • Reduce the weight required to achieve strong radiation shielding
  • Enjoy cost and time savings as the application of the material onto the surface can be done easily
  • High temperature resistance enables the material to be deployed in harsh conditions

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