Ultra-lightweight, Foldable, Electric Scooter

Technology Overview

Nowadays, environmentally conscious and economical, individual transport is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly facilitated by a foldable bicycle-weight scooter that becomes an everyday commodity by its flexibility, its simple storage, security, comfort, aesthetics or its ease of recharging. It is easy to use, it is efficient even in crowded urban traffic. It operates silently, with minimum energy consumption and does not pollute the environment directly. 

Our ultra-lightweight, foldable electric scooter comes with a beautiful organic design intending to revolutionise urban traffic. It meets the increased needs for mobility and extends it even in crowded urban traffic. With its ultra light weight and completely closed foldable body it creates a new, versatile vehicle class, as it can be stored easily, moved by other means of transport (public, car) and requires no parking space. We hope to seek partners to bring this ultra-light weight foldable scooter into the market to help address some of the most burning environmental and urban issues: air pollution, noise, traffic jams, lack of parking space and safeguarding.

Technology Features & Specifications

The monocoque body is made of a high-tech composite material, i.e. no traditional frame is required. This is an advantage in terms of reaching a very low weight and foldability. The maximum speed the scooter is capable to operate with is 45 km/h, and its range with a single charge is approximately 35 km. With a double battery pack, the range can reach 70 km. It has in-wheel-motors in both wheels (two-wheel drive). Its folding method can easily be mastered. In its folded state the scooter is the size of a large suitcase and it can be pulled similarly. Its weight is less than 25 kg, without the saddlebag that can be used as a back-pack. It requires no parking space; in a folded state it can be stored anywhere and no dirt will be released from the tyres or the drum. It is unique; no such compact solution scooter is available on the market today.

Potential Applications

  • Urban transportation
  • Recreational purposes 

Market Trends and Opportunities

The rapidly changing market for electric vehicle (EV) is a small but important part of the global automotive industry. That s why governments and societies worldwide are eager to see and have increasing number of EVs on the street because of its environmental, economic and energy security benefits. It also has been widening due to reducing fuel consumption which makes it more competitive and efficient in the market.

In the framework of current situation and market forecast for electric vehicles, which first appeared a decade earlier, are now selling steadily. According to forecast reports, annual worldwide sales of these vehicles, collectively referred to as electric vehicles (EVs), will reach 3.8 million by 2020.

Researches also explains that the overall sales of EVs have not lived up to automakers expectations yet,  but the market is expanding steadily as fuel prices remain high and consumers increasingly seek alternatives to ordinary vehicles.

Customer Benefits

All similar vehicles contain only some of the main features of our electric scooter. In addition to the uniqueness, so far unseen innovative solutions -such as the monocoque body, the compact and dirt-free folding -, the product offers a wide range of positive features at the same time (lightweight, comfortable sitting position, two-wheel drive, etc.). Its consumption is much lower than the recent state-of-the-art electric scooters: 2-2.5 kWh/100 km. The batteries can be charged from standard electric network as in the case of any household appliance. As such, it will be feasible in the near future, with a small investment, to ensure the operation of the scooter from renewable energy sources (solar, heat, wind energy) only: The scooter would therefore be autonomous, independent from the electricity network.

Its high-tech features and mid-range pricing offers a great value proposition to customers and a strong market position for the launch.  

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