Principal Technology Manager, Food and Biomedical

Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer, you will conduct extensive research to identify market trends and scout for emerging technologies aligned to the identify trends, and share it through various channels to catalyse adoption. You will also be required to recommend technologies and expertise that could help to overcome problems faced by the local enterprises when developing new or enhanced products, processes and services.

In addition, you will work closely with the Principal Technology Manager to seek continuous improvement to the technology scouting and technology landscaping processes, delivery, and timelines.

This fulfilling job offers you not only the opportunity to support Singapore enterprises in their innovation journeys but also enables you to develop new technical knowledge, expand your industry network and gain deep insights into the dynamics of specific industries.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to the team under his/her charge.
  • Manage resource deployment for industry projects to provide end-to-end innovation services to local enterprises
  • Lead in the engagement of technology multipliers to access relevant/emerging technologies.
  • Lead in the identification of technology trends and opportunities, and design and execute strategies and channels to effectively disseminate technologies to enterprises
  • Lead the team to scout for technologies and expertise to overcome specific innovation challenges faced by local enterprises and public agencies
  • Plan and develop technical contents, identify the formats and channels to promote IPI as thought leader in technology trends and knowledge to the industry and public agencies.
  • Engage senior management of technology partners to foster close collaboration
  • Review and develop processes and workflows to improve operational efficiency


  • At least 8 years of relevant experience in one or more areas in food or life science industry
  • At least 5 years of leadership experience in leading and driving high performance team
  • Experience in research and design/development of diagnostic kit, medical devices, medical instruments, therapeutics, and wellness products and have a good understanding of regulatory compliance, test, and certification procedure in food related product developments or medical related product development or
  • Experience in food or life science product development and knowledge in good manufacturing processes and regulations
  • Good understanding of market drivers in the innovation ecosystem, importance of regulations and standards in new product/service, the challenges of bringing innovation to market.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in new product creation, new product introduction, research and development or technology commercialization.
  • Bachelor’s degree and above in Food Science and Technology, Sciences, Life Sciences, Bioengineering or Biomedical Sciences or related fields.
  • Postgraduate qualifications in Technology Management, Intellectual Property Management or Business Administration would be advantageous
  • Appreciate and understand new technologies, carry out technology due-diligence and market assessments to address the innovation and technology needs of enterprises.
  • Appreciate and analyse a broad range of topics beyond one’s field of education and experience, and with curiosity in emerging fields and technology trends.
  • Excellent people skills to cultivate networks and build alliances with strategic partners
  • Experience in patent search and analysis would be advantageous