Seeking Blockchain-based or Similar Solution for Secure Information Sharing


The migration of trading records to cloud-based platforms has facilitated the sharing of trading data, enabled faster and more convenient exchange in a manner previously not possible. Typically, the data is stored in cloud repositories which are protected with traditional access controls in order to comply with the many policies and frameworks that govern its sharing. However, current systems are vulnerable to hacking and anonymous intrusions. There is therefore an urgency to develop a solution that provides efficient decentralized data sharing whilst creating access control in a scalable, distributed and secure manner.


Leveraging blockchain or other similar technologies to develop the solution with the following requirements:

  • Potential to achieve disintermediation and trustless exchange of information, transparency & immutability, and quicker and lower cost transactions that will lift barriers between different parties of the trade process and enable the interflow of information
  • Durability, reliability, and longevity that is able to tolerate malicious attacks or hacking due to distributed networks, and confidential information can be shared with multiple providers, without the risk of a privacy breach

Desired Outcome

Develop a trustless trading community and enable secured, decentralized information sharing among trading participants, including counterparties, banks and warehouses.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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