Seeking Solution for an Automated Gate System


Usually, only partial information is declared during online pre-booking for arrival scheduling at the depot. This pre-booking is essential to avoid congestion and space out arrival of trucks at the depot. The submitted information needs to be verified by a surveyor upon arrival at the depot or counter officer during departure using manual/electronic Equipment Interface Receipt (EIR). This process is slow and hence results in delays.


  • Use of sensor to read information from prime mover IN-Vehicle Unit (IU) and optical recognition for the remaining stated information such as license plate number of the prime mover and trailer, as well as the container number and ISO code
  • Alternative technologies or fusion of technologies could be proposed to ensure near 100% accuracy when reading the necessary information
  • Use the verified information to reduce manual verification and direct traffic to their respective bays

Desired Outcome

Deployment of an automated depot gate to capture essential information (i.e. haulier company, container number, prime mover license plate number, container type, number of containers) during depot arrival and departure.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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