Seeking Solution for Automated Interior Washing of Containers


Operator has to manually wash the interior of container with pressure washer and has to be cautious and wear protective equipment while washing, as the water spray may bounce around. Furthermore, the environment within the container is typically harsh. For example, the container floor can be dusty, oily and slippery, which can be hazardous to the operator.


  • Washing system data management – date/time/container's number/wash cycle/chemical used/water consumption
  • Industry 4.0: Remote monitoring/controlling – diagnostics, troubleshooting/maintenance, updates
  • Reliable, consistent wash results with automated wash cycles
  • Reduce water/chemical consumption than manual washing
  • Reduce headcount required and labour cost
  • Systematic washing process – Wash container quickly, more efficiently and covering every square inch
  • Ensure employees are not exposed no hazardous chemical
  • Decrease washing time to improve productivity
  • Robust stainless-steel construction to reduce maintenance need for continuous operation
  • Super speed control – control wash quality/time of wash

Desired Outcome

Reduce the reliance on manpower, washing cost and wastage by increasing productivity and ensuring consistency in cleaning quality.


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