Seeking Solution for E-commerce Shipment By Ocean


The growth of e-commerce has created opportunities but also added new complexities for the logistics industry to tackle, particularly in the areas of cargo security, customs and compliance. With air shipment being a costly option and its inability to catch up with rising demands, there is a potential shift towards ocean shipment and intermodal freight transport of air and ocean.

However, ocean freight has added further complexity as compared to air due to

  • voluminous SKUs, which resulted in containers being possibly delayed during customs clearance hence resulting in missed connections
  • lower on-time-performance (OTP) of vessels which could affect the required turnaround time to fulfill the orders


The proposed solutions should have either one or both of the following capabilities:

  • More efficient and effective procedures or means of reporting/tracking for ocean shipment of e-commerce products, which could allow expeditious customs clearance, while addressing concerns on security and compliance. To be truly efficient for shippers, the platform has to be adopted by customs across ASEAN, especially in Indonesia
  • A more effective exception management solution for shippers and 4PLs to better monitor/respond to delays and hence mitigate the impact of lower OTP vessels

Desired Outcome

A viable solution to enable information of e-commerce products (eg packing lists) to be shared efficiently amongst stakeholders to facilitate custom clearance in ASEAN and (or) to generate faster response time to manage potential delays and disruption.

Additional Info

Your proposal should include the following information:

  • Cost breakdown for a proof of concept, or deployment
  • Expected time of implementation
  • Management team and any external partners/vendors
  • Highlight what would be needed for the sea terminals, vessels, and cargo trains and trucks to handle such compartmentalized containers
  • Traction (eg past pilot projects)


PSA will be providing the following support:

  • Access to the direct business case user so that decisions can be expedited (for shortlisted proposal)
  • Find your product market fit - Industry insights that enable your solutions to be repurposed for a suitable business application.

Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

Proposal submissions are open from 13 May 2019 10:00AM to -