Seeking Solution for Selective Cooling of Fully Automated Warehouse


Warehouse automation is necessary to cope with manpower shortages and the ever increasing demand from customers for faster and accurate order fulfilments.

Our automated warehouses are currently non-air-conditioned to save cost and energy. As a result, these automated warehouses cannot be used to handle temperature and/or humidity sensitive products, which are on the rise. This limits the efficient usage of our warehouse resources and ability to leverage automation for faster order fulfilments.


We are open to solutions that could cool and control the humidity of the whole or designated zones in the warehouse. The solution should offer good energy efficiency to keep operation cost low to stay aligned with our vision of green logistics.

For zone-based cooling solution, it should ideally allow ease of deployment to designated zones of different space areas and does not require us to make any or minimal changes to our automation system. Uniformity of temperature and humility at the cooling zone should also be ensured.

Desired Outcome

Improve environmental footprints while reducing product damage, waste and achieve energy savings while using automation.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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