Seeking Solution for Technology Assisted Surveying of Containers


Container survey is currently performed by qualified surveyor with Estimates of Repair (EOR) prepared mostly manually or in limited cases, electronically on a tablet PC. The surveyor has to inspect externally 5 panels and under carriage, internally 5 walls/doors and floorboard, and perform stain swap test, panel chip test and light leakage test as necessary.

Double mount 20 footer containers and climbing onboard trailer further limit the physical access of the surveyor.


  • Use of scanners and sensors to aid surveyor’s inspection, reduce the surveyor inspection time, improve the safety of surveyor’s and reduce the area allocated for container surveyor
  • Use of computer algorithms to translate automated survey into repair codes for EOR entry

Desired Outcome

Technological innovations in surveying of empty containers at the depot to increase efficiency and improve safety.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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