Seeking Solution to Accelerate Digitalisation and Realise the ROI in Traditional Businesses


Traditional businesses are unable to find relevance in embracing digital technology. They see the digitization journey/cycle as a lengthy process and business owners have difficulties understanding and visualising the benefits brought about by these technologies. Despite being subsidized to digitalise, many faced difficulties in continuing the change management and execution. This results in them aborting the digital technologies and going back to their traditional way of working.


The solution that we are seeking should meet the following requirements.

  • Create structural programme to assist in change management and execution
  • An approach/solution that is easy enough for the non-tech personnel to execute the digital initiative and change management
  • Identify a present pure offline business model, and enable its online model with proper online to offline orchestration
  • Provide intelligent feedback loop that can be used by business for execution/operation improvement

Desired Outcome

Improve and shorten the digitization journey for traditional businesses in realizing ROI.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

Proposal submissions are open from 13 May 2019 10:00AM to -