Seeking Solution to Improve Collaboration Across Industries Stakeholders


In the supply chain and logistics industry, overheads and complexity in multi-party coordination remain a challenge. Furthermore, critical assets e.g. warehouses, manpower, etc. are not shared resulting in some warehouses being left vacant while others overflowed. Warehouse expansion catered to overflow ended up creating additional capacity which are not utilised and hence wasted. Transportation industry which include the shipping lines and trucking companies are not sharing their capacity openly to their business partners due to business strategies and rendered sharing and optimal use of transportation resources impossible.


We are seeking a B2B Resource Sharing platform with the following requirements:

  • Enable new business models evolvement supported by technology platform(s) that encourages such business arrangements
  • Introduce smart resource allocation/sharing business logics using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Promote data/resource sharing across industries e.g. industry standard (mapping spec) for easy sharing
  • Leverage on data reusability in realising benefits for related and downstream processes
  • Using AI/ML to perform demand forecasting, thus facilitating the optimization of physical assets usage with collaborators

Desired Outcome

Promote and increase the willingness of multiple Industries stakeholders to collaboration, so as to reduce unnecessary wastage.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

Proposal submissions are open from 13 May 2019 10:00AM to -