Seeking Solution to Improve Maintenance and Minimise Service Disruption


SMRT operates public buses and provides chartered and ad-hoc transport services to clients.

As part of the service, we currently maintain vehicles based on scheduled preventive maintenance and ad-hoc corrective maintenance. We also leverage on telematics to monitor the driver’s driving behaviour.

We want to reduce unnecessary downtime/cost that arises when vehicles have to be in the workshop for maintenance.

There are several causes for such disruption to operational service and maintenance planning:

  • As part of scheduled preventive maintenance, there are cases when the parts are still in good working condition but have to be replaced anyway
  • Ad-hoc corrective maintenance is conducted when vehicles which were expected to function well have to be towed back for repairs
  • There are insufficient spare parts stock due to unforeseen circumstances

We would like to incorporate other parameters to enhance the monitoring of vehicles for maintenance, and of drivers for both their safety and that of the road users.

We would like to explore the possibility of combining leading and lagging safety parameters to prevent accidents and vehicle breakdown.


The proposed solution should

  • improve workforce productivity where technicians can know when maintenance is required
  • reduce waste on spare parts (unnecessary replacement/ stocking up)
  • enhance fleet reliability and availability, providing commuters more reliable bus services
  • reduce accident rates, improve safety and reduce operational cost relating to insurance and accident claims

Some suggestions include:

  • Provisioning of accurate vehicle sensory system to predict and prevent vehicle breakdowns
  • Providing real-time feedback of driver’s level of alertness to both the driver himself and our operation management
  • Offering precise dashboard to clearly depict the health of vehicles and the safety parameters of drivers

Desired Outcome

The proposed solution should improve maintenance and minimise accidents and vehicle breakdowns


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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