Seeking System for Storage and Handling of Empty Containers


Current storage of empty containers in depot is stacked 8-high due to stacker equipment limitation and levelness of yard. The block stacking further limits access to Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) depending on number of rows. These factors constraint the land use intensity and create double-handling, especially to retrieve specific container. The constant shuffling of containers also challenges the tracking of container location and yard planning accuracy. The 1 operator to 1 stacker equipment allocation increases manpower requirement and resulted in long working hours for the operators.


Some requirements of a plausible solution are

  • Use of frame structure to increase stacking height and intensity, and reduces the number of moves for selective retrieval of containers
  • Use of semi or fully automated container handling equipment to reduce manpower dependency and improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of handling the empty containers (i.e. moves per hour)
  • Use of radio-frequency based tracking devices to enable real-time location monitoring and planning within the depot premise

Desired Outcome

To own and deploy a system capable of high capacity storage and automated handling of empty container at the depot to enable more efficient land usage and faster handling rate.


Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2019

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