23 Nov 2018

Canadian Cleantech Companies and Singapore Enterprises Discuss Partnership Opportunities

The High Commission of Canada, together with IPI and Enterprise Singapore held a networking session on 15 November 2018 to create and promote new opportunities for technology and business collaboration between Canadian cleantech companies and Singapore enterprises. Both countries made it to the top 20 rankings of the Global Cleantech Innovation Index (GCII) in 2017, which scans which countries are most likely to produce entrepreneurial cleantech companies in the next 10 years.

Canadian Trade Commissioner for Cleantech, Apoorva Jain welcomed the participants and highlighted Canada’s clean-technology capabilities and how their companies are increasingly shifting their focus to Singapore and ASEAN. Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Senior Director of IPI, gave an overview of Singapore’s R&D landscape as well as a brief introduction of IPI. Eight Canadian companies in the clean energy space took the stage to pitch their technologies which included innovative solutions for recycling plastic waste, improving operational efficiency in fish hatcheries, converting waste-to-energy and generating renewable energy. They also shared their current engagements in the region and how they can partner with Singapore enterprises. Jane Kearns, Senior Adviser of MaRS Cleantech, highlighted that the Canadian start-ups have a keen interest in the Singapore market. MaRS is a leading innovation hub that supports promising ventures based in Toronto.

“We were pleased that there was keen interest from many participants in the workshop who approached the Canadian companies to explore opportunities for future collaboration. It was a great event to showcase Canadian capabilities in the cleantech sector and provided a right platform to the Canadian companies to interact with the Singapore eco-system,” said Jain.


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