6 Jul 2015

Fashion Goes High-Tech

IPI, IE Singapore and the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf) jointly organised a Fashion & Innovation roundtable discussion to engage local accessories and ready-to-wear designers in order to catalyse adoption of technologies in fashion. This roundtable discussion was part of a series of initiatives under FashionisTech, a programme launched in 2015 by TaFf to enable promising Singapore fashion designers in differentiating themselves through material innovation and creative partnerships

IPI intrigued the audience with exciting, cutting-edge technologies that help spur new design ideas and creative concepts in the fashion industry. Technologies presented include wearable electronics; smart textiles; manufacturing automation and novel fabrics novel fabrics created from unusual sources such as milk proteins and recycled plastics combined with spent coffee grounds.

Recent developments in 3D and 4D printing of innovative fabrics and custom jewellery was another hot topic discussed during the roundtable. The sharing was well received and ended on a high note with an interactive networking session. TaFf members, IE Si ngapore and IPI candidly exchanged views on challenges of the fast-paced business landscape in fashion design and a common goal to establish innovative collaborations in order to remain competitive. IPI is also currently assisting some of the companies present in adopting some of the technologies shared at the event.

About Textile and Fashion Federation

Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf) is the only official association for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore. A non-profit organisation, TaFf plays an active role in the development of the industry, supporting our members from manufacturing to retail and fashion. For enquiries on FashionisTech collaboration, please contact TaFf.

About International Enterprise Singapore

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy. IE promotes international trade and spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies to grow Globally Competitive Companies.

IE’s vision is a thriving business hub in Singapore with Globally Competitive Companies and leading international traders.


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