5 Dec 2018

Flexible Thin-film Fast Charge Battery Technology Sharing at Roundtable Session

With the rise of Internet of Things and wearables, batteries have taken on new form factors to meet the different market requirements such as power, flexibility and thinness. At a technology roundtable organised by IPI on 27 November 2018, EJ Shin, Strategic Planning Director of Jenax Inc., presented its latest flexible thin-film fast-charge battery technology solutions to a small group of Singapore-based enterprises.

One of the innovations showcased by the South Korean battery company was its newly-launched J.Flex battery, a customisable rechargeable flexible battery. The solution aims to offer companies designing for end uses greater freedom in creating better products without compromising on performance efficiency. The flexible battery is suitable for applications in healthcare, smart fabric and military use. The informative sharing closed with a networking session as interested participants approached Shin to find out more about the technology and potential collaboration opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about this technology, please get in touch with IPI.


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