26 Jun 2013

Industry Networking Event with BioSingapore

IPI and BioSingapore organised a joint industry networking session on 26 June 2013 at B@Rochester.

Themed “Aging Population in Singapore – How Ready Are We?”, IPI-BioSingapore joint event provided networking opportunity for companies and technology providers in the Healthcare and MedTech sectors to address the emerging technology needs of the aging population. Invited speakers, Dr Yan Xiang Yang of Lux Research provided insights into global trends in the aging population, new technology and market opportunities while Ms Jacinta Chen of Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) shared the intermediate and long-term needs for the needs of elderly in Singapore. The event was very well attended and participants benefited for the knowledge sharing as well as networking opportunities.

About BioSingapore

BioSingapore was established in May 2004 as an industry association for life sciences businesses in Singapore. To encourage and foster Singapore’s bioscience enterprises, BioSingapore holds monthly networking event for its 500 members.


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