19 Jun 2018

IPI Presents at International Forum on Open Innovation 2018 in Thailand

IPI was recently invited to share its open innovation approach to catalyse SMEs’ adoption of technology at the International Forum on Open Innovation, an event held as part of the opening ceremony programme of the Northern Science Park (NSP) in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 25 May 2018. As one of the three regional science parks in Thailand, the NSP aims to stimulate the creation of new technology businesses and is supported by the Science Park Promotion Agency under Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

In his presentation, Sim Kung Kiat, Deputy Director of IPI, introduced how IPI had successfully facilitated open innovation partnerships between technology seekers and providers through its online and offline platforms. He also invited the audience comprising representatives from Thailand’s innovation community and leading international science parks and research institutions, to participate in TechInnovation, the premier technology-to-industry brokerage event organised by IPI.


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