24 Mar 2015

Roundtable on Precision Medicine

IPI organized a roundtable discussion on precision medicine with Prof Edison Liu, President & CEO, Jackson Laboratory, US on 24 March 2015. The event provided a platform for industry and relevant stakeholders to understand the current state of precision medicine in US and the ongoing effort to discover precise genomic solutions for disease to improve human health. The discussion also shed insights and opportunities in the ongoing development of precision medicine in Singapore to benefit the healthcare service sector and industry. The event attracted 62 participants from the pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic industry, venture capital, hospitals, health insurers, health legislation officials, health policy makers, healthcare innovation and technology transfer offices, biomedical research community and research funding agencies.

Key highlights discussed in the roundtable on the development of precision medicine included - (a) A review of healthcare model from one that is hospital-centric to patient-centric; (b) the increasing attention on healthcare informatics and electronics health record; (c) access to health informatics for mining and use in validation of precision medicine; (d) how regulatory landscape plays a crucial role to facilitate the development of precision medicine especially in areas of regulating new and complex technologies that are not interventional, and (e) providing clarity on data sharing to benefit precision medicine practitioners and ultimately, healthcare delivery. Prof Edison Liu commented that Singapore is poised to provide precision medicine to patients in the region.


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