30 Mar 2016

Seminar on Innovation through Fermentation

Fermentation is one of the earliest forms of biotechnological processes and it still remains very much relevant in today's world. IPI was glad to host IP Bridge and Yaegaki Bio-industry Inc of Japan for a session of knowledge sharing on innovation through fermentation, and how technologies are unlocking health benefits of fermented foods on 30 March 2016.

Mr Satoshi Konno, Managing Director, IP Bridge, gave an introduction on open innovation and how IP Bridge is focusing on expanding Japan’s cutting-edge technologies to overseas, especially in growing economies in ASEAN.

Mr Hasegawa Yusuke, Senior Managing Director and Dr Mazumder Tapan Kumar R&D Planning Adviser of functional ingredients R&D division, Yaegaki Bio-industry Inc, a company with 350 years of sake-related fermentation know-how, provided an informative talk on how fermentation technologies have been modified to meet the needs of modern society. They also presented the diversity of applications in a range of products such as sake and spirits, natural food colours, and functional ingredients for food and cosmetics. In return, these products can deliver health benefits such as skin wellness, intestinal stabilisation, weight loss, oral care, and immune balancing.

The event ended off on a high note with an interactive networking session.


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