13 Oct 2015

Thank You for Making TECHINNOVATION 2015 a Success

IPI would like to thank all the participants who have helped to make this year's TECHINNOVATION the best technology marketplace event yet! Delegates, exhibitors as well as speakers discovered new technologies, connected with new partners and collaborated to bring new ideas to the market over the two days on 22 to 23 September 2015. At the end of the event, a total of over 2,100 delegates, speakers and exhibitors from 31 countries participated with over 270 enabling technologies showcased.

What our participants had to say about TECHINNOVATION 2015:

From Technology Exhibitors:

“I would like to sincerely thank you for inviting me to TECHINNOVATION 2015 and the support you provided me. I'm very impressed by the high-quality standards of the event and professionalism of the IPI team. I'd benefited much from the event and I’m sure I will be successful in getting deals from the many meetings that I've had.”

Dr. Marco Gorini
Head of Innovation and Technology Advisory Services
Veneto Innovazione Spa (Enterprise Europe Network-North East Italy)

“We were very impressed by the organisation, professionalism and support of IPI staff at TECHINNOVATION. I've participated in many events, but this is by far the best.”

Paymond Raskhy
Founder and CEO
Lynxemi Pte Ltd

From Crowdsourcing Speakers:

“Thank you so much for having me and the superb organisation of the event. This kind of thing is extremely helpful for me. I have to work through 2 cm of interesting business cards, but already had a number of potentially interesting partner discussions.”

Claus J Nehmzow
Head Asia Pacific, Digital Innovation Organisation
BP Singapore

From Delegates:

"TECHINNOVATION 2015 was a well-planned and organized event with global participation by both local and international brand names with highly relevant technologies spanning breadth and depth. It certainly contributes to Singapore' s drive towards innovation and productivity growth!"

Tan Ka Huat
Managing Director
CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited

IPI continues to learn and grow through its flagship event and is looking forward to bringing another fantastic experience to the industry in its fifth edition next year! If you have missed the event, you can still find the featured technology offers on http://www.techinnovation.com.sg/#technology

If you wish to participate in TECHINOVATION 2016 as a speaker or exhibitor, please drop us a note at [email protected]


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