2 Oct 2019

Updating Local PCB Industry on the Latest IPC Standards and Design Guidelines

The printed circuit board (PCB) has a place in almost all electronic products we see today. Whether it is found in a medical device or a home appliance, a well-designed PCB is critical to product development and can sidestep costly corrections in downstream manufacturing.

With the objective of helping local PCB designers and electronics design engineers keep abreast of new standard developments, techniques and industry best practices, IPI and IPC Designers Council Southeast Asia Chapter (Singapore) with support from Wizlogix, organised The Essentials of PCB Design Knowledge & Technology Update on 20 September 2019.

Cheah Soo Lan, IPC CID+ (Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer), Master IPC Trainer from IPC Designers Council Southeast Asia Chapter, gave an overview of the IPC standards which are internationally recognised and used across various industries and product classes. In addition, attendees also gained a better understanding of the Design for Excellence (DFX) considerations during the design process – where the variable X takes on different design objectives such as manufacturability (DFM) and assembly (DFA), test (DFT), reliability (DFR) and Environment (DFE).


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