26 Jan 2015

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Welcome to TechInsights, an online technology bulletin brought to you by IPI, featuring new and emerging technologies, capabilities and innovative ideas from around the world. You may find near market-ready technologies and ideas you could consider integrating into your business, product or services, to improve competitiveness and achieve success. It can also be a source for you to identify potential technologies or development partners. These technologies are accessible through licensing, business partnerships or research collaboration with the assistance of IPI.

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If you are interested to know more about any of the featured technologies or contact the technology source, simply drop us a note at [email protected], and an IPI Technology Consultant will be in touch with you soon. We look forward to being of service to you and assisting you in achieving your company’s innovation and technology vision.


August 2014

Articles include

Nanocellulose to potentially replace steel

Atmospheric water generators can work virtually anywhere on earth

Painless method to regenerate tooth structure

Machine-learning analytics technology enables better customer insights

and more...


July 2014

Articles include

Monitoring system for collaborative robots in manufacturing

Optimizing performance of renewable energy systems using condition-based monitoring

Nanogel to address burn injuries rapidly

LED-based ranging sensor for industrial usage

and more...


June 2014

Articles include

Superabsorbent polymers for nonwoven applications

Zinc oxide coating to increase efficiency of solar cells

Body worn sensor for correcting human gait

Plastic derived from sugar instead of oil

and more...


May 2014

Articles include

Augmented reality system to facilitate safe overtaking

Device to efficiently detect greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere

Fish skin technology for chronic wound healing

Dietary fibers from agricultural wastes

and more...


April 2014

Articles include

Innovative self-cleaning anti-microbial surfaces

Gigabit wireless connectivity everywhere and at anytime

Continuous patient monitoring in real world situations

In-situ water quality monitoring sensor

and more...


March 2014

Articles include

Surface that never freezes

Novel wireless M2M combo chip for internet of things

Energy storage system with optimized efficiency and power output

Bacterium ensures safe use of toxic metals for industrial applications

and more...


February 2014

Articles include

Method for turning plastic bags into high-tech materials

Wound healing gel that instantly stops bleeding

Conversion of chicken carcass to biofuel

Wireless charging of mobile devices using light beams

and more...


January 2014

Articles include

Force control in robots to aid manufacturing

Novel process to trap waste heat to produce power

Bio-based technologies to overcome plastic pollution

Targeted reinnervation for thought controlled bionic limbs

and more...


December 2013

Articles include

Spray applied polyurea coating for use in public water tanks

Highly stretchable lithium-ion batteries

Plant hydrosols as natural food sanitizers

Distributed architecture to enhance protection for virtualized servers

and more...


November 2013

Articles include

Water repellant coating for food and beverage industries

Terrestrial positioning system enables accurate indoor positioning

Environmentally sustainable printed ink removal process

Insulin delivery device combines basal and bolus for Type 2 patients

and more...


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