9 Oct 2015

Arsenic-free Drinking Water for Bottom of the Pyramid Communities

The GoodWater Company Pte Ltd is a local environmental and social solutions integrator with the aim of improving the quality of lives of the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) segment, i.e. the poorest groups of the world’s population living in Asia. One of their efforts is geared towards helping these communities gain access to safe drinking water by offering simple and affordable water treatment solutions. It was on the lookout for a technology partner to develop a solution for removing arsenic in groundwater. 

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that is found in rocks and soil, water, air, and plants and animals, and is also a product of industrial processes, landfills and runoff. It is hazardous to health, both long- and short-term. As arsenic is odourless and tasteless, it cannot be detected easily.

IPI successfully matched The GoodWater Company to Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd, a homegrown enterprise which has the capability of integrating their arsenic absorbent technology into The GoodWater Company’s existing product. 

Both companies have since signed a partnership agreement in April 2015, signifying their commitment to share resources and work together to provide arsenic filter solutions to arsenic-affected regions. 

"We are delighted with IPI’s help in facilitating the building of this long-term relationship with Asxban Technologies. With this partnership, GoodWater can look forward to expanding the availability of arsenic-free, potable water through simple solutions to more BoP communities. We recently launched an initiative in Cambodia, where 100 of these solutions will be deployed in phases to benefit 100 families. Innovations from Asxban are also being showcased at GoodWater's Centres of Excellence in Singapore and Indonesia,” said Mr Eddie Low, Programme Director of The GoodWater Company.  

“Through IPI’s technology matching services, our collaboration with The GoodWater Company will enable us to create a greater positive impact to the affected regions with our arsenic-free clean water capabilities,” commented Mr David Kang, Regional Manager of Asxban Technologies. 


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