7 Oct 2015

Embracing Innovation for Productivity

Kim Eng Seng Machinery Pte Ltd is a local SME that designs, manufactures, repairs, leases and sells ISO container transport trailers.  As part of their drive towards improving productivity, the management of the company decided to explore the use of technology to improve their workflow and raise its productivity. 

With support from IPI in analysing its capability gaps and identifying a suitable technology partner, Kim Eng Seng successfully collaborated with the Marine & Offshore Technology Centre of Innovation (COI-MOT)@Ngee Ann Polytechnic to design mechanical jigs that reduced the need for manual lifting of heavy steel chassis during the production of its trailers.  

This collaboration was supported with a $5,000 Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) from SPRING, to encourage SMEs to take their first step towards capability development. SPRING further supported Kim Eng Seng with a Capability Development Grant (CDG) to build the prototype jigs for the manufacturing of flat-bed trailers.

The company envisages that their productivity would improve substantially upon successful completion of the CDG project and deployment of the jigs. Using the jigs, the company can optimise their workflow and process and this puts them in a better position to compete in a very competitive market.  

“We believe that innovation is the way for Kim Eng Seng to improve our productivity and increase our competitiveness,” said Mr Randi Ng, Managing Director of Kim Eng Seng. “We look forward to future engagements with IPI to achieve our vision as a modern manufacturing company.”


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