15 Apr 2013

Strengthening Capabilities Through Technology Collaboration


G Element develops 3D smart building and city software solutions which provide unified situation awareness to building owners and managers. Started in 2001, this Singapore company first applied interactive 3D graphics technologies in the areas of training, simulation and visualization. In 2003, it shifted its focus from general industry to the smart buildings and cities market. Today, G Element’s 3D building solutions have made in-roads to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, India and China.


As G Element’s business expands, it faces challenges in addressing niche applications in tracking and managing physical assets within 3D model databases of buildings and campuses. These niche applications demand customized wireless sensor hardware which G Element does not has expertise in. This resulted in loss of potential sales for G Element.


G Element approached IPI for assistance and IPI analysed the business. Following that, IPI discussed with G Element and both agreed that working with a strategic wireless sensor hardware technology partner was the most appropriate choice. IPI then identified a number of possible technology partners and connect them to G Element.


One of these technology partners was 1Rwave, a start-up that developed low power wireless modules for wireless sensor network and active RFID tag. Through IPI’s technology matching facilitation, both companies quickly entered into a business collaboration to jointly develop an Active Location Tracking System with 3D visualization system. 1Rwave’s active RFID tag technology was integrated into G Element’s NUCLEUS 3D Unified Management platform and the complete solution made its debut at IPI’s TechInnovation 2012. Since then, the integrated system has attracted multiple interests and talks are in progress with a few potential leads.


“This technology collaboration has benefited 1Rwave in differentiating and increasing the attractiveness of our products and services, thus allowing us to stand out from competitors in wireless sensor solutions” said Mr Kuan Yeh Cheang, Director of 1Rwave.


IPI is able to provide this technology matching service through it continuous effort in developing industry engagement programmes. These include company visits and industry networking events to reach out to companies. It is through such industry engagement programmes organised by IPI with its partners that 1Rwave was noticed.


“We are happy that this technology matching facilitated by IPI has enabled both companies to collaborate and leverage on each other’s strength and network to grow our businesses together” said Mr Yeow Shin We, Managing Director of G Element.


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