8 Jan 2013

Success Story: Low Cost Earthquake Early Warning Detection System for Public Safety

Alphatron Asiaspecialises in distributing radar components and transmission equipment to the marine, medical, broadcast and satellite industries, and in providing management and control solution for complex networks. In 2012, it was named as one of the Singapore Enterprise 50 award winners.


It has been searching for some time for a low-cost earthquake detection technology for deployment in one of its projects in Thailand. “After months of futile search for a suitable technology, we are very pleased to have it found the right technology from IPI’s technology marketplace” said Mr Lawrence Low, Managing Director of Alphatron Asia.


The “Earthquake Early Warning Detector” sensor invented by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) works by detecting the P-wave that travels faster than the more destructive S-wave generated at the onset of an earthquake. This triggers an alarm which gives its users 30 seconds to a minute to take safety measures. “It is estimated that about 500,000 earthquakes occur each year. While most of them are minor and cannot be felt by people, some major ones can cause widespread destruction and fatalities such as the Japan earthquake in March 2011. This low-cost and small-sized sensor is therefore ideal for use in homes and for wide deployment in public places with alarm systems.” Said Vinayak Prabhu, inventor from NYP.


IPI in collaboration with NYP evaluated the suitability of the technology for Alphatron Asia’s needs and facilitated a discussion between the company and NYP. IPI coordinated with NYP to seal the technology commercialisation agreement between Alphatron Asia and NYP.




About Alphatron Asia:  


Alphatron Asia has been developing remote network management solutions in Singapore since 2009 under the Alphaview brand-name ( http://www.alphaview.net ), after acquiring the Intellectual property of Highstreet Networks Inc, USA, a venture capitalist funded software company. It builds remote asset management applications like fuel consumption monitoring for ships, broadcast transmitter and video quality monitoring solution for TV stations, as well as satellite earth-station monitoring and control systems. It has subsidiary offices in Shanghai, China and Busan, South Korea, and the Japan office will open in 2013.




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