Tech Bundle


Novel Smart Rainfall Prediction System
Due to climate change, extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall are becoming a common occurrence. In a tropical setting, rain can be highly localized and changes quickly. Rainfall tends to appear and disappear quickly within an hour causing flash floods in urban areas. This technology relates to a novel smart rainfall prediction system utilizing data from multiple X- band rainfall monitoring radars. The X- band radar scans the sky for rain, feeding data into the system every 2 minutes to create an accurate map of the real-time rainfall intensity though the use of a nowcast model. This allows the relevant municipal authorities to improve on existing flood management measures and react quickly in case of flash floods. The technology owner is currently looking to license the technology to logistic companies and city governments.    
Novel Bioretention System for Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management
In an urban setting, rainwater flows over rooftops and concrete surfaces picking contaminants including bacteria, oil & grease, metals and pesticides before entering the sewer systems. These pollutants will eventually end up in the surrounding waterways contributing water pollution and increasing the treatment load to municipal wastewater treatment plants. Green infrastructure such as green rooftops, roadside plants and landscaped parks can potentially reduce the amount of polluted stormwater runoff, hence, reducing the reliance on wastewater treatment plants. Bioretention systems comprising of a novel engineered filter media and various types of plants were developed to mitigate the negative effects of urban stormwater runoff. This novel modular bioretention system process consists of detention, conveyance, sedimentation, filtration and biological denitrification. Compared to conventional media, the modular system is more cost-effective and customizable in managing the non-point source pollution.