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Singapore Membrane Consortium

Traditionally, membrane technology has been widely adopted by the water industry largely due to its lower cost and higher efficiency across the water production, treatment and recycling process. However, innovations in membrane technology are increasingly finding applications in the energy, pharmaceutical, biomedical, food and beverage, and environmental sectors. SG MEM has been set up as a platform to showcase Singapore’s unique ecosystem for membrane technology and to foster partnerships and collaborations towards developing enterprise solutions for the various industry sectors beyond the traditional water space.

Novel Evaporometry Technique for Pore Size Distribution & Porosity
This technology relates to an apparatus and method for determining the porosity, pore size, pore-size distribution (PSD), and internal pore fouling of all membrane types, namely flat-sheet, hollow fibre or tubular (including lumen side or outer wall). Evapoporometry (EP) is based on the evaporative mass loss from membranes that have been pre-saturated with a wetting volatile liquid, whose vapour pressure is reduced due to surface curvature at the air-liquid interface within the pores.