DR. Hermann Klein-Hessling

DR. Hermann Klein-Hessling

Business Director

Agri-Business and Consultancy Pte. Ltd.

Life Sciences - Product Design & Development, Prototype Build, Test & Verification/Clinical Trials
Manufacturing - Product Design & Development, Prototype Build, Process/Industrial Engineering, Certification/Regulatory Compliance
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Dr. Hermann Klein-Hessling, Founder and CEO of Singapore-based Agri-Business and Consultancy Pte. Ltd,  has international work experience of more than 25 years in total. A practitioning agronomist by training, he has extensive insights and experiences in grains, animal nutrition, feed milling, feed and livestock. He also has R&D experiences in feed additive development, animal breeding as well as large scale multi-species livestock production; especially strong in vertically integrated poultry companies.  Throughout his career, he has travelled to over 65 countries across all 5 continents and is very well acquainted with the global agricultural (feed, food & meat) industry and approaches sector challenges from a holistic, integrative, cross-disciplinary approach.

Since its beginnings in 2019, he has been active in business and project development in the Agri industry with the core activity being improving business operations and efficiency. He has keen interest in supporting the Agri-Tech and insect start-up community here in Singapore as well as being part of the “hands on” implementation and deployment strategy for insect breeding and scaling up these new ventures. 

Dr Hermann holds a BS Degree in Agronomy from Germany, a Master Degree in Poultry Sciences from North Carolina State University, USA, a Ph.D in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA, an MBA from Singapore Management University and an Executive Diploma in Corporate Board Directorship from Singapore Institute of Directors.  


Upscaling Black Soldier Fly Larvae Production to 10-100 metric tons per Day

Dr Hermann has worked with clients located in the European countries and Kenya, helping them achieving a daily BSF fresh larvae production capacity of approximately 10-100 metric tons per day. 

By deploying a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach and with his know-how and expertise from the livestock industry, Dr Hermann successfully solves commonly- encountered BSF scaleup problems. By adapting sophisticated technological solutions from the livestock industry tailored to fit BSF specific requirements, the BSF production system can be scaled up to 100 metric tons per day.  Areas addressed included: improving capabilities related to microenvironment, housing system, operations management, feedstock preparation, nursery management systems, suitable feeding systems, larvae fattening, harvesting and process improvements affecting yield and quality of fat, protein concentrate and frass. 

Dr Hermann has helped his clients with:

  • Designing of holistic and interdisciplinary systems, taking into consideration feed stock, housing environment and other behavioural, metabolic peculiarities of BSF larvae to improve productivity and efficiency of production as well as liveability of larvae
  • Financial feasibility analysis by considering current BSF production systems, trends, types of business models, and commercialization strategies. 
  • R&D prototype building and design based on global experiences with other livestock systems
  • Scaling experience with large, high volume BSF insect production units (up to 100 ton/day) including suitable and practical rearing and feeding systems with medium to high level of automation
  • Waste sourcing (qualitatively and quantitatively) and securing supply streams; defining and implementing traceability requirements
  • QC/QA for feedstock pre-processing, feedstock formulation, colony maintenance, larvae nursery,  larvae growing, finished product and process documentation (SOP)
  • Final BSF product development, fractionation options and impact of drying techniques on product composition, digestibility, palatability and other physical attributes
  • Placement of insect products as bulk or specialty ingredient for pet-, aqua-, pig and/or  poultry feeds in the feed industry
  • Client/end user feed formulation- and insect product applications support for feed millers and integrators
  • Frass treatment and management: Positioning of product as compost and/or field fertilizer to agricultural holdings and largescale crop producers 

Expertise Provided
  • Waste Management & Recycling - Process/Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing - Process/Industrial Engineering, Product Design & Development, Prototype Build
  • Life Sciences - Process/Industrial Engineering, Product Design & Development, Prototype Build
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