Dr Shigetada Kudo

Dr Shigetada Kudo

Senior Lecturer

Republic Polytechnic

Healthcare - Product Design & Development
Life Sciences - Product Design & Development, Test & Verification/Clinical Trials


Dr Shigetada Kudo is currently Senior Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic, working in the area of sports and exercise biomechanics. Over the last 12 years, Shige has worked with various organisations to study and assess athletic techniques and human movement. With different collaborators, he has studied and quantified variables that measure and evaluate the performance of athlete and human movement, such as hand propulsion and velocity during swimming, the upper, lower and trunk strength of athletes, as well as the velocity and acceleration of upper and lower limbs.

Shige has been working in the area of data science to improve techniques of athletes and develop products in the area of ergonomics and healthcare. He is currently evaluating the technique of swimmers using a computational fluid dynamics approach, and is also working on the development of a simple procedure for a coach to easily assess the strength of their athletes in the field using only a video camera or mobile phone.

Shige obtained his PhD in Biomechanics from School of Physical Education, University of Otago, New Zealand.


System to Estimate Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on the Hand During Swimming

Shige was the principal investigator of a research project to develop a system for estimating hydrodynamic forces acting on the hand during swimming. The project involved the development of an algorithm based on the concept of fluid mechanics to estimate hydrodynamic forces acting on the hand using pressure measurements; development and validation of the methodology to estimate hand propulsion during swimming; and evaluation of the technique of national and international swimmers using the developed system and methodology to provide recommendations that enhance their swimming performance.

Expertise Provided
  • Life Sciences - Product Design & Development, Prototype Build, Test & Verification/Clinical Trials
Customised Chair Exercises for Seniors

In collaboration with a senior activity centre to introduce a variety of suitable exercises for seniors, Shige and his team developed customised chair exercises which are low intensity and can be performed at home. These customised chair exercises were also validated to enable a similar level of muscle activation of the lower limbs as compared to walking, one of the key recommended exercises for seniors.  

Expertise Provided
  • Healthcare - Product Design & Development
  • Life Sciences - Product Design & Development, Test & Verification/Clinical Trials
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