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Strengthen in-house capabilites with our technical experts

Enterprises searching for the technical expertise to enhance or complement their in-house capabilities can widen their network and tap into a pool of experienced technical experts from different sectors and domains. Businesses can consult and engage our tech experts to solve technical challenges that are encountered in various stages of their product development journey.   


Dr Emiliano Lepore

Co-founder and Director


Qualishub Pte Ltd

Emiliano Lepore is a biomedical engineer by training with 10 years of experience in innovation, product development and licensing of new medical devices, and 8 years on medical devices in Europe. Currently, he runs his own company in Singapore, Qualishub Pte Ltd, dedicated to develop disruptive innovations from unmet market needs and to speed up the adoption of new innovative solutions on the market through an effective scaling-up, industrialisation and final IP licensing to third companies for the production, commercialisation and distribution. Dr Lepore has also founded another company, RECORNEA, which focuses on the development of corneal metal implant to restore the physiological curvature of the cornea with clear and predictable clinical outcomes for patients suffering of keratoconus, a progressive eye disease causing distorted vision. Dr Lepore has international work experiences in various roles, including Business Innovation Manager of Medical Applications at Spiber Inc., Japan, Founder and Innovation Manager at LeM Consulting, Italy, Business Innovation Coach for SME at the European Commission, Brussels, Innovation Consultant at Nordic Innovators, Denmark and R&D Director at Dofren srl, Italy. He has 5 patents, 20 international journal papers, 2 books, 19 proceedings at international congresses, as well as research and funding experience at university. Dr Lepore has a PhD in Structural Engineering and MSc in Biomedical Engineering.
Dr Kan Wu



Oplentia Pte Ltd

Dr Kan Wu is Assistant Professor, Division of System and Engineering Management, at NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. His research interests are smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, manufacturing system performance, queueing theory, productivity enhancement, planning, scheduling and dispatching, as well as supply chain management. Besides being a visiting consultant of Health Sciences Authority Singapore, Dr Wu is also the founder of Oplentia, providing AI solutions and consulting services to companies that are keen to implement a smart factory. He also has extensive industrial engineering experience in the semiconductor industry.
Prof Gan Woon Seng

Director, Smart Nation Lab, Centre for Information Sciences and Systems


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Prof Gan Woon Seng is Professor of Audio Engineering in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in NTU. He is also Director, Smart Nation Lab, Centre for Information Sciences and Systems. His research has been concerned with the connections between the physical world, signal processing and sound control, which resulted in the practical demonstration and licensing of spatial audio algorithms, directional sound beam, and active noise control for headphones. Prof Gan's research interests include directional sound beam (AUDIO BEAM SYSTEM), active noise control, adaptive signal processing, psycho-acoustical signal processing, and spatial/3D audio processing. He has published more than 300 international refereed journals and conferences, and has translated his research into 6 granted patents. He is skilled in Matlab, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processors, Embedded Systems, and Signal Processing.
Er Premkumar Srinivasan

Chief Process Safety Specialist


ALARP Process Safety Solutions Consult Pte Ltd

Er Premkumar Srinivasan is a process safety specialist providing engineering and consulting services to the oil, petrochemicals, energy and chemical process industries. He possesses hands-on industry experience both locally and internationally, in process safety, design, engineering and operations. He is a chemical engineer with 23 years of experience in petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, oil terminals, oil and gas, and industrial gases sectors. Premkumar has provided process safety technical advisory to capital projects, and assisted Major Hazard Installations (MHIs) in the development of regulatory Safety Case. He has also chaired safety review workshops, led human factor reviews of existing operation procedures, and provided process safety training with a focus on practical applications. Premkumar holds professional registrations as a Professional Engineer (S'pore) (Chemical) and Professional Process Safety Engineer (IChemE). He is also an adjunct lecturer at the National University of Singapore.
Foo Soo Leong



Institute of Technical Education

Soo Leong specialises in design and development of medical devices, equipment and automated systems since 1985. He was actively involved in R&D of medical devices over the last 10 years, from proof of concept, proof of value to regulatory and ISO13485 compliance. During the early part of his career, he worked as a design engineer, chief engineer and later as project manager with several MNCs including Matsushita, PSB, Phillips Electronics, NUS, Vestas. He has delivered more than 30 major projects covering diverse industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, wind energy, precision engineering, electronics and interconnect, semiconductor, hard disk drive, food manufacturing, etc. Soo Leong had also provided technical consultancy to local SMEs on setting up of production systems and implementing solutions for quality and productivity improvements. His latest interest is in the R&D collaboration with local hospitals, tapping on Ministry of Education and National Research Fund’s grants to develop medical devices for surgical applications. His recent patented project "percutaneous access targeting device for kidney stone surgery" was successfully commercialised.
Dr Cheah Li Kang



Q&CO Pte Ltd

Dr Cheah Li Kang specialises in surface modifications and coatings. He has shared his technical expertise with numerous companies, including an MNC, to build up their core competencies in post treatment for their products, namely metal or ceramic coatings on different types of substrate. He also provides surface treatment solutions for silicone rubber to bond on surfaces like plastic and metal. Dr Cheah obtained his PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Nanyang Technological University. He has been granted more than 10 patents, and authored or co-authored more than 100 papers related to diamond like carbon thin film deposition and characterisation with vacuum related technology.
May Ng


Life Sciences

ARQon (Asia Regulatory & Quality Consultancy)

May Ng is the Global Director of ARQon, Asia Regulatory & Quality Consultancy for medical devices and drugs, assisting in product development and registration in Asia, CE and global approval. She is also an advisor for National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC) on all government hospital clinical trial funding in Singapore and sits on the main committee of Singapore Manufacturing Federation's Medtech Industry Group, ASEANMed and China-ASEAN Medical. May was in Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for almost 10 years to complete the implementation of the Singapore regulatory framework based on IMDRF/GHTF principles, and reviewing/approval of companies with ISO13485/GDPMDS and medical device/IVD. She joined Biosensors drug-coated stent manufacturing headquarter in Singapore for four years as Regulatory Director after two years working in the IVD industry. May has degrees in Biochemistry & Microbiology, Biomedical Engineering, and Medtech Manufacturing.
Dr Chandrasekaran Margam



Wise Consultants and Services Pte Ltd

Dr Chandrasekaran Margam is a scientist with broad expertise in processing of materials for various applications such as biomedical implants/scaffolds, automotive applications, aerospace and similar applications. He is also experienced in additive manufacturing, tribology and characterisation, regulatory standards, business and operational strategies, transfer of technology from lab to commercialisation, market and technology analysis and evaluation. Dr Margam is currently the convener for three National Mirror Working Groups on ISO/TC 210 (Quality Management and Corresponding General Aspects for Medical Devices), ISO/TC 150 (Implants for Surgery) and ISO/TC 194 (Biological and Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices). He is also the author of two books and a chapter for Metals for Medical Devices and ASM Handbook Vol 18 Friction Wear and Lubrication.
A/Prof Aravind Dasari

Associate Professor


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Dr Aravind Dasari is Associate Professor at NTU, School of Materials Science and Engineering. He is experienced in the design and development of composites, nanocomposites and coatings for utilisation in construction/building sector, electrical and electronic industries, food packaging and renewable energy sector. He is involved in the study of flame retardancy, and the development of various flame retardant coatings and materials in collaboration with various industry partners. Dr Dasari holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from University of Sydney.
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