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Strengthen in-house capabilites with our technical experts

Enterprises searching for the technical expertise to enhance or complement their in-house capabilities can widen their network and tap into a pool of experienced technical experts from different sectors and domains. Businesses can consult and engage our tech experts to solve technical challenges that are encountered in various stages of their product development journey.   


Ee Bin Liew

Group Executive Director



Ee Bin Liew is Group Executive Director of Access-2-Healthcare, a global commercialisation and market access consulting company that physically executes end-to-end market entry and product launch activities to help overcome various challenges faced by medical technology companies globally - specifically in areas of healthcare business due diligence, commercialisation solutions from concept to market, and market access activities such as regulatory, quality and trade compliance.  Prior to founding the company, he spent most of his career in the medical device industry with MNCs, from product development to manufacturing, operations and product commercialisation. He held executive management and leadership roles of multi-cultural teams in Asia Pacific. He has the practical experience in various medical device environments and functions for turn-key go-to-market solutions through integration of marketing, IP, clinical affairs, reimbursement and regulatory affairs, and now lends his experience and energy to the medtech SMEs around the world. Ee Bin is in the forefront of the key Standards and Regulations development in the medical device industry for 12 years working directly in several drafting committees in the International Organisation on Standardisation (ISO) – namely, the TC210 Working Group 1 that was responsible for releasing the ISO13485:2016 and the Practical Guide to ISO13485:2016; ISO14971:2019 and its Technical Report; ISO TR20971 for Risk Management under Joint Working Group 1, as well as ISO TR20416 in Working Group 6 for Post-market surveillance. Ee Bin is also the Asian Harmonisation Working Party Technical Committee Co-Chair for Working Group 7 – Quality Management System – Operations and Implementation for the past 10 years, and its industry representative in the ISO committee. Ee Bin attained the Singapore Professional Certification in Management Consultancy in 2017 and is accredited to execute grant-funded projects. Ee Bin combines his long-term deep relationships with the senior management of the various government agencies and standards bodies, with the technical and commercial know-how relating to product development, go-to-market, as well as every countries’ unique challenges. This allows an objective perspective to both regulators and industry, R&D and commercial, to drive the future of healthcare. Besides his efforts for AHWP and ISO, Ee Bin also gives his time as the leader of the several medtech and digital health industry groups, fostering the growth of medical technology and Digital Health community globally. Ee Bin takes special interest in active devices and technologies involving AI software, through executing projects for his company’s clients, standards development, and being deeply involved with research projects involving software as a medical device and digital health. This balanced view, along with various market insights, provide a pragmatic approach towards regulation of software in the healthcare industry.
Dr Desmond Ang



On-Time Engineering Consultancy Services

Dr Desmond Ang provides all levels of engineering services to the manufacturing industries. He specialises in the application of green chemistry to printed-electronic technologies and molecular-science in electrochemistry. Dr Ang has helped to develop applications of metals-powder or inorganic nano powder materials. He was involved in customising the functional performance of corrugated cardboards in fully automatic manufacturing processes. Through his experiences in various R&D projects, Dr Ang also has insights on different types of magnetic alloys that are produced by adoption of Green Path Coordination Chemistry and through Metal Injection Moulding technologies respectively. Dr Ang holds a PhD in Rare Earth Metals and Coordination Chemistry from Monash University. He was the Director of Engineering at Dou Yee Group and Rohm and Haas, as well as the factory manager at various organisations like LeaRonal Asia, Shipley Far East Ltd and Printed Circuit International. His past experiences put him in good stead to help address not only material-related matters but also the subsequent manufacturing challenges.
Dr Cindy Lee

Senior Lecturer


National University of Singapore (NUS)

Dr Cindy Lee is currently Senior Lecturer at NUS Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She is experienced in supercritical CO2 technologies, food waste processing, microencapsulation and controlled release systems for food and pharmaceutical applications. She is an Editorial Board Member for Advanced Powder Technology (Elsevier) and also Member of the International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids. She was Associate Professor at Newcastle University in Singapore, where she held a concurrent appointment as Director of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (DELT) and Director of Operations (Chemical Engineering Programme). She was also previously a Project Leader at FeyeCon D&I BV, specialising in the development of new products and processes using supercritical CO2 technologies.
Dr Seri Lee




Dr Seri Lee has over 20 years of industry experience and previously held positions at Intel Corporation as Senior Thermal Scientist for the Silicon and Platform Solutions Group, Amkor Technology as Manager of Thermal Characterization, Aavid Thermal Technologies as Director of Advanced Thermal Engineering and at the University of Waterloo in Ontario as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Dr Lee has published more than 60 technical papers and holds over 16 patents covering a wide range of thermal issues in electronics. He served as the General Chair for the 1998 IEEE SemiTherm International Symposium. In 2004 he received the best paper award from the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer Division. He was the CTO at Pipeline Micro, Inc where he focused on developing the company's patented micro scale liquid cooling systems, which the company applied to a broad range of semiconductor applications in alternative energy and consumer electronics applications.
Cheong Siah Chong



Mdesign Solutions Pte Ltd

Cheong Siah Chong has 31 years’ experience in product creation process, product costing, financial control and the running of manufacturing, design house and technology start-ups from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). His company, MDesign Solutions, was a recipient of the President's Design Award 2009 for a medical device co-designed with Philips Design Singapore. Siah Chong is also a mentor in PIER71, Vice President of the Singapore Industrial Automation Association, committee member of the IOT Asia programme and review panellist in the Diagnostic Development Hub. In addition, he is the Co-chair for Singapore International Robo Expo 2018 (SIRE). Since 2014, he has been mentoring in NUS-Lean Launch Pad, Jump-start for seven seasons with eight teams from NUS, A*STAR and NTU. Siah Chong also has five patents filed under his name up till to date.
Garrick Soon



Protoking Pte Ltd

Garrick Soon is the founder of Protoking. He began his career as an apprentice in a tool and die making company, and later mastered plastic injection moulding from a veteran moulder. He grew to become a prototyping and Design for Manufacturing specialist. Garrick is familiar with different industry standards, as well as various materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Today, Garrick leads an international team of designers and engineers which seeks to "Empower Ideas". Through Protoking, he offers a range of services from product conceptualisation, industrial design, R&D, to prototyping and manufacturing. His work is based on a practical approach to applying design thinking.
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