Seeking Flexible, Durable Packaging Process Consumer Products at Elevated Temperatures


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United Kingdom


IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to identify flexible and durable packaging to hold consumer products, such as raw materials (solid vegetable matter) for processing at elevated temperatures.

The client is a large UK company with global operations, manufacturing intermediate ingredients for use in consumer products. The company has an extensive R&D program and is continually innovating to provide the best ingredients, often via new production processes. They have successfully developed a new ingredient, and now wish to optimise and scale-up the batch production process. This requires larger quantities of the processing materials used.

They are actively seeking collaborations with companies for a flexible, durable packing bag able to hold raw materials (solid vegetable matter) for processing at elevated temperatures. Such materials are commonly used in food processing (e.g. roasting bags) and wider industrial applications.

Technology Specification

Suitable bags should match the following requirements:-

  • Withstand the following operating parameters without degrading:-
    • Operate in temperatures >120C for long periods of time (>30 days)
    • Operate in ambient relative humidity of 60%
    • Moisture created inside the bag on heating
  • Dimensions in excess of 1000mm x 1750mm x 2000mm (approximately 40” x 70” x 80”)
  • Resistant to flex and stress cracking, abrasion and puncture – requires sufficient strength to hold >100kg weight of material and withstand handling for filling, moving into supporting cardboard boxes for processing, and emptying of processed materials
  • Moisture barrier – prevent the loss of moisture/steam created by the process
  • Provide evidence that when heated to high temperatures the material is stable and has no toxic breakdown products
  • Available in the short term, ideally immediately

Companies able to provide customisation of bags to specific sizes are of particular interest (to aid in future process optimisation).

The client has a number of production sites and a global market for their products. They are always interested to work with responsive and flexible collaborators who can support their research and production activities. This therefore represents an excellent opportunity for an ongoing partnership with an established company.

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • R&D Collaboration
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