Seeking Expertise in the Design and Formulation & Validation of Nutraceutical Formulations


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United Kingdom


Consumers are already familiar with the use of active compounds such as caffeine in beverages, but there is now an increasing number of food, beverage and confectionary formats used to deliver a variety of active ingredients / extracts for the consumer lifestyle and consumer wellbeing markets. However, the dosage and subsequent delivery formats are not always formulated or optimised with scientific evidence to underpin them, and so risk compromising the product’s efficacy and safety.

The seeker is an established FMCG company developing a range of nutraceutical products containing functional ingredients used to provide a desired product effect (e.g. cognitive or to mood). They have extensive research and development capabilities, with robust laboratory and quality control processes ensuring it can develop and commercialise an ongoing pipeline of products for its customer base. 

The company wants to ensure their formulations are developed with full understanding of the efficacy of active ingredients and their interaction with each other, to allow the consumer to make an informed decision in their choice of product. Thus, they are seeking experienced scientific partners to support their product development teams, and this provides an excellent business opportunity for an ongoing partnership with an established manufacturer.


Technology Specification

The seeker is focused on enhancing/aiding consumers’ relaxation, cognition, etc and potential partners should have experience in providing scientific support and/or tools/technologies in the following areas:-

❖ Design and optimisation of formulation and dosage for a variety of product formats

  • Ingredient and dose selection – using both natural extracts and synthetic compounds, and matched to the delivery routes (e.g. buccal, ingested and inhaled formats)
  • Ingredient prioritisation when combining actives - e.g. for additive / synergistic effects
  • Optimisation strategies and methodologies – e.g. utilising design of experiment and statistical modelling techniques for enhancement of efficacy and bioavailability whilst maintaining sensorial experience, e.g. taste.

❖ Evaluation and validation of optimal formulations

  • Expertise in biomarker identification and measurement of functional benefits (not clinical disease outcomes)
  • Research expertise in the design of consumer studies and / or facilities for human studies with capability to measure human responses – e.g. biomarkers, validated questionnaires or cognitive batteries
  • Predictive and modelling tools – e.g. to provide safety and efficacy predictions, screening compounds for desired effects




Purely literature-based studies.

Potential partners will need to demonstrate their capabilities and experience in supporting the development of human supplement, nutraceutical and/or functional food and beverage products.

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others