Seeking Functional Beverage Manufacturing Partner


Personal Care - Nutrition & Health Supplements
United Kingdom


We are working with an established FTSE100 consumer product company seeking to launch a range of Ready-to-Drink (RTD), functional shot (<100ml) beverages. The company has already developed a number of successful consumer brands for their customer base, and now wishes to leverage their knowledge and supply chain to offer new and differentiated products to the growing functional beverage market. Functional beverages can address various lifestyle requirements, providing the consumer with ingredients to benefit their physical and mental states, and are often aimed at specific target audiences.

The client is currently completing the development work for the new product range, and is now actively searching for experienced beverage manufacturing partners whom they can work with over the next 6 months to scale up production for 2021.

The company is looking for companies that will become trusted service providers. This therefore represents an excellent business opportunity for an ongoing partnership with a leading and global product manufacturer. All potential partners should be able to demonstrate their capability and experience for this search by way of case studies and supporting literature.

Technology Specification

The product range will be distributed to global markets, and as such, the client requires manufacturing partners with proven experience in the manufacturing of shot formulations (e.g. those targeting sport supplements, functional drinks, energy, nutritional/dietary supplement markets).

Potential partners should be able to provide the following : -

  • Manufacture of RTD (ready to drink) ambient shot formulations
  • Use of functional ingredients (e.g. caffeine, ginseng, theanine, etc)
  • Packaging of 50-70ml shots in PET bottles
  • Relevant manufacturing accreditations for territory (i.e. ISO/GMP/BRC, etc)
  • Large scale manufacturing (millions of units per annum)
  • Appropriate in-house support services – e.g. packaging, regulatory expertise
  • Potential to distribute product


Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
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