Seeking Drone and Facilities Partners to Integrate and Testbed Structure Inspection Tech


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We are a Singapore startup with core technology in AI-assisted image post-processing. Our technology is available as a platform and is in prototype stage. Our propietary algorithms allows us to quickly scan through images where our AI models will identify trained-for image indicators e.g., wear and tear of structures, building defects, annomalities.

We are applying this technology in the Smart Building Inspection space for purposes such as periodic facade inspection (PFI). Our technology is able to process image output from drone inspections to quickly compile a report for building management or inspectors. The report will contain imagery representing 3D generated model of the building structure.

Our team possesses personnel with the know-how and license to operate for drone flights. The team possess domain expertises in the areospace and marine industry, as such they are no strangers to structure inspections and will be able to provide an environmental scan to provide for a customised fit for the final outputted structure/building inspection report.

Our AI platform allows for human-in-the-loop machine learning model training. By working with structure/building experts over a number of drone flights and inspections, we use their labelled data to train more accurate and precise machine learning models, to allow for a fully autonomous defects identification and generation of inspection report; from input of drone flight images, to output of report.

Technology Specification

We are looking for testbedding partners with buildings or structures, who are exploring this technology domain, to collaborate with us for a pilot trial.

Potential partners could be building owners who are required to conduct periodic facade inspection (PFI) or consultancy firms looking to tap on our technology and expertise to co-submit for Smart Buildings/Structure Inspections or PlanTech projects.

We are also open to explore technology partnerships with drone technology owners, either as a partner for us to acquire new drones for our future projects, or to integrate our technology as part of their platform offering.

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others
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