Seeking Solutions with a Responsive Interaction to Hydrocarbons for Leak Detection


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This is a Singapore-based company seeking solutions that are able to react upon interacting with small amounts (about 20mL) of hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel, to identify the precise location of a leak.

The company is currently using a solution that detects a change in resistance over a specified distance, providing an early warning to have the leak rectified before the situation takes a turn for the worse. While the current solution works well in most applications, it is unable to locate the source of a leak to an ideal level of precision (+/-1m) within a short time frame (less than 3 minutes for diesel). Also, different types of hydrocarbon liquids give different response time which can be confusing to end users.

Thus, they are looking for solution that are able to either incorporate a new material to replace their existing solution, modify their existing solution to improve the level of precision, or to develop an entirely new solution that can function under the current conditions of use. Solution providers should be open to work closely with the company to co-develop the desired solution and further develop the technology to meet the said requirements.

Technology Specification

The following are the requirements of the desired solution:

  • Solution can be a complete solution that can replace the existing solution, or be a partial solution, such as a material, that can be incorporated into the existing solution
  • The solution or material should be able to:
    • Operate in the outdoor environment under various weather conditions and exposure, especially in the presence of water, heat and UV exposure
    • Detect the presence of hydrocarbons through one or more of the following interactions - electrical, physical or chemical
    • Allow the removal, regeneration, and eventual reuse of the solution or material, through specific methods, e.g. washing with solvents, etc. Environmentally-friendly methods are good to have but not compulsory
    • Moulded into various shapes and forms through an injection moulding process
    • Be produced or manufactured cost-effectively
  • Interaction(s) between the solution/material and hydrocarbons should produce a reaction that:
    • Occurs as quickly as possible, in < 3mins
    • Is specific to hydrocarbons only, and should not produce any reactions with other substances or conditions
    • Is irreversible due to environmental or other exposure conditions
    • Occurs even in the presence of very small quantities of hydrocarbon, ≤20mL amount to trigger a detection
    • Can be measured through changes in electrical properties, such as resistance, current and voltage changes, or other suitable properties
    • Can be localised to a precise position within +/-1m from the point of reaction

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture)
  • IP Acquisition
  • Licensing
  • R&D Collaboration
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