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Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we identify the pain points and craft concise problem statements to engage our innovation network. Enterprises can explore the technology needs gleaned from global industry sources, or seek solutions and expertise to accelerate innovation.

Seeking Functional Inks for Safety, Freshness, Security and Authentication Labels
A Singapore based company is seeking for materials and/or chemical compounds that can be incorporated into labels and on the packagings of goods. The application areas are diverse, it includes (but is not limited to) the following: Overt or covert security labels for high value products Anti-counterfeiting features for high value goods Shelf-life limited items which once exposed to environment will deteriorate Food freshness indicators for food, such as fresh produce The company is using various printing means to offer print media, such as, holograms to their clients. They are familiar with traditional printing technologies, such as, flexograph, letterpress, silkscreen and digital printing techniques. They have the capability to provide functional printing in the areas of microfluidics and conductive inks as well. Any proposed solutions should be compatible with these printing techniques.
Seeking Printable Chemicals for Colorimetric Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
A Singapore based company is seeking materials and/or chemical compounds that can be incorporated into labels for colorimetric detection of Hydrogen Sulfide gas, H2S, in the ambient atmosphere.   The company is using printing means to offer print media such as holograms as well as microfluidic testkits for their clients. They are familiar with the traditional printing technologies, such as flexograph, letterpress, silkscreen and digital printing techniques, and they have the capability to provide functional printing in the areas of microfluidics and conductive inks. The proposed technology should be compatible with these printing techniques.
Seeking Solutions with a Responsive Interaction to Hydrocarbons for Leak Detection
This is a Singapore-based company seeking solutions that are able to react upon interacting with small amounts (about 20mL) of hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel, to identify the precise location of a leak. The company is currently using a solution that detects a change in resistance over a specified distance, providing an early warning to have the leak rectified before the situation takes a turn for the worse. While the current solution works well in most applications, it is unable to locate the source of a leak to an ideal level of precision (+/-1m) within a short time frame (less than 3 minutes for diesel). Also, different types of hydrocarbon liquids give different response time which can be confusing to end users. Thus, they are looking for solution that are able to either incorporate a new material to replace their existing solution, modify their existing solution to improve the level of precision, or to develop an entirely new solution that can function under the current conditions of use. Solution providers should be open to work closely with the company to co-develop the desired solution and further develop the technology to meet the said requirements.
Seeking Proposals for Singapore-France Joint Innovation Projects (Submit by 31 Dec 2021)
The Singapore-France Joint Innovation Call offers French and Singapore companies the opportunity to collaborate on joint innovation projects with each other. Proposals focusing on developing innovative products and applications in any technological area are welcome. Applicants are expected to develop ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods which have strong potential for the French, Singaporean and/or international market. Enterprise Singapore and Bpifrance will provide access to public funding for jointly selected projects. The programme aims to encourage the development of ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods that have strong potential for the French, Singapore or international market. More information about the submission process can be found at
Seeking Joint Proposals for Germany Singapore SME Funding Programme (Submit by 7 Dec 2021)
Are you a German or Singapore technology company looking for partners to co-innovate on product development, access new markets and tap R&D funding? Enterprise Singapore and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Coordinator: AiF Projekt GmbH) are announcing the 4th call for proposals for joint R&D and innovation projects between Singapore and Germany. Singapore and German-based SMEs are invited to submit joint projects in the research and development of innovative products and applications, with the end goal of commercialisation. The call for proposal is open to all technological and application areas.
Seeking Anti-viral Technology for Food Packaging
Anti-viral technology for packaging would be a significant step forward in increasing consumer confidence when purchasing and handling consumer goods packages. The increasing potential for viral contamination is forcing consumers to be wary of handling products that may have been handled by store personnel or other consumers. Anti-viral packaging technology would allow consumers to confidently choose those products with the least risk of further contamination and eliminate any need for package clean-up when arriving at home.  To offer solutions to consumers’ rising technical and emotional needs, a company is looking for technologies that can be applied to direct food contact packaging, both flexible and rigid, capable of reducing or eliminating viruses and other external pathogens on the packaging surface. 
Seeking Israeli Partner(s) with Route Planning Technology for Joint R&D Project
A Singapore software company specialising in games development and restaurant management software is looking for suitable Israeli Partner(s) to collaborate for a project. They are looking to co-develop a new technology that will allow food and beverage (F&B) establishments to explore new buiness models. The technology is intended to help reduce: risks in operations costs for small and medium F&B entities wastage of food The Singapore company has a clearly defined software roadmap to solve an industry problem and create a solution to allow new digital channels for F&B establishments to tap on and leverage. Part of the proposed core technology is currently being developed. The Singapore company is on the lookout for suitable Israeli Partner(s) to submit joint R&D project proposals in the competitive Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) Call. Potential partners must fit the eligibility of the SIIRD call.