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Seeking Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Chemicals/Water in Sanitation Process
IPI is working with our open innovation partner to seek novel bottle and/or bottle closure sanitation methods that reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals and/or water in the sanitation process.It is very important to sanitise packaging containing beverages intended for human consumption. Failure to adequately sanitise bottles and bottle closures to remove bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts, and spores may have serious consequences with respect to product quality and safety, potentially leading to negative customer reactions or even product recall.Peracetic acid (PAA) is a commonly employed and highly effective sanitiser, particularly when used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide. However, PAA sanitation processes involve a significant amount of water throughout the process including dilution, water rinsing of packaging post-treatment and chemical disposal. Globally, trillions of gallons of beverages are bottled each year. While preserved carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) are the traditional leader in market share, other drinks such as bottled water, juices, non-preserved CSDs, and ready-to-drink teas and coffees are gaining in share. Therefore, new inventions are needed to ensure that these drinks remain safe, while reducing unnecessary chemical and/or water consumption during production.The company is looking to perform proof-of-concept, pilot and/or commercial scale testing to ensure that the proposed solution can be integrated or retrofitted into existing beverage fillers. Proposed solutions should satisfy the following key objectives:Reduce or eliminate the amount of water used in bottle and/or bottle closure sanitation processes; and/orReduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in bottle and/or bottle closure sanitation processes.
Seeking Revolutionary Plant Protein Sources
The technology seeker seeks to incorporate new plant proteins into their world-class foods and beverages.Consumers are increasingly selecting products that feature plant-based proteins: from rice milk to pasta made from chickpeas. Additionally, market demand also indicates a continued strong interest in protein-rich foods. An unfortunate side-effect of high levels of plant protein in food products is that various organoleptic properties, such as color, taste and texture, can be negatively impacted which, in turn, degrades consumer acceptance of those products.As such, the company is interested in innovative plant proteins that have undergone some level of concentration.
Researchers & organizations who have exciting new plant protein concentrates with the potential for commercial-scale implementation on suitable timelines are strongly encouraged to respond.
Seeking Project Proposals for Germany Singapore SME Funding Programme
  Are you a German or Singapore technology company looking for partners to co-innovate on product development, access new markets and tap R&D funding? The 3rd edition of the Germany Singapore SME Funding Programme has been launched to facilitate and support German and Singapore companies on their joint R&D collaborations across all technological sectors.